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Next Gen Mastermind

Join a yearlong program exploring the frontiers of consciousness, what leadership looks like from beyond the frontier, and become an embodied example of the emerging way of being.

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Forrest Wilson on Coaches Rising

Forrest was invited onto 
Coaches Rising to explore the Unified Field of Coherence, accessing essence, increasing inner alignment, expanding our sensing capacities as coaches and the superorganism of humanity.

The Forrest Wilson Experience (1).png

The Forrest Wilson Experience

As a podcast, The Forrest Wilson Experience is recorded in a field of wellbeing, wholeness, creativity, healing, inspiration, and generativity

As a listener and receiver, you are invited to relax and rest into this field.
You are invited to be resourced and recreated by the field we are gathering in.


About Forrest

After his father passed away in his early twenties, Forrest decided to let go of the idea he had for his life based on the expectations, conditioning, and cultural constructs he took on as a young person and dive deep into healing, developmental, and awakening journeys.

Through these journeys in seen and unseen worlds, Forrest discovered a tremendous passion for human potential, transformational healing work, and creating a future where we collectively thrive.. Embodying a way of being that is palpably alive, clear, penetrative, and illuminating, Forrest invites folks around him to play all out.

Forrest is a coach and facilitator, The Host of The Forrest Wilson Experience, and Founder of Light in Action, an incubator for Consciousness supporting pioneers and luminaries realizing The Mystical Path with leading-edge healing, awareness, and we-space facilitation. His passion for supporting the supporters of Our Emerging Future has inspired Metacelium - the infrastructure, social fabric, cultures, and technologies needed to support an emerging Meta-Ecosystem and Soul Economy.


Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to work on your whole being and get to know your whole self

  • You want to evolve your consciousness and meet your potential

  • You want to resolve issues in your life to make your life better

  • You are ready to overcome your triggers in life.

  • You seek to live a more deeply authentic life

  • You want to be part of a courageously authentic community

  • You want to show up in the world with more love, presence and compassion, empowered to create more effective changes in the world around you

  • You want to show up in your relationships more effectively

  • You love children and want to understand how we can most consciously nurture and raise children

  • You are a professional practitioner and want to work with light and dark in deeper, more skilled ways

  • You are an entrepreneur or executive and want to lead more passionately, compassionately, and effectively

Does this opportunity resonate with you?

Book here for a free 20-minute call with Forrest's Support Staff to explore if this journey is the right fit for you.

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1 on 1 coaching
Mastermind Group
Yearlong Cohort
1 on 1 call each month with other participants in program
Pod calls for generating support from ecosystem of participants

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