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Unified Fields of Coherence

A Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

Fields of Coherence is a technology in consciousness where we can midwife formlessness into form and hold space for old dehydrated forms to fall back into formless.

By syncing up each individual heart with a collective heart and coming into a coherent wavelength as a whole, we build a bridge between the divine, life, and matter. The results is both:
1. New forms sourced from source itself, glistening with the radiant beauty of our true nature
2. A loving and caring portal through which trauma, dehydrated structures of consciousness, and old ways of being can return to the source from which they were birthed.

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Episode 151

The Unified Field of Coherence

In conversation with Joel Monk, host of the Coaches Rising podcast, we explore the unified field of coherence, accessing essence, increasing inner alignment, expanding our sensing capacities as coaches and the superorganism of humanity.

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