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The Wellbeing Economy

An in person gathering with Forrest Wilson and Sarah McCrum

July 4 -6 The Netherlands

We are bringing together an exceptional group of human beings who are passionate about creating The Wellbeing Economy - a global economy that nourishes and values all life. 


These people are committed to doing business in a way that feels more whole, resourced, grounded, empowered, and capable by being in relationship with each other. Where success, wealth, business and wellbeing are equal, rather than at odds with each other. Where we have trust in money and people to make wise decisions for all. 

Forrest Wilson and Sarah McCrum have been pioneering explorations into The Wellbeing Economy, The Future of Money, and Reinventing Planetary Systems for years.
They both have created numerous pioneering programs and are now once again uniting and co-emerging an embodied experience of The Wellbeing Economy. For more information and tickets: 

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