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Light in Action


Life Actualization Leadership Program

supporting you in contacting the Soul and letting it emanate into the world as passion and enlightened conduct

“Forrest is the most intuitively gifted healer I’ve ever met in my life”

- Kim Barta, licensed psychotherapist and founder of STAGES International

Experience Light in Action
Join for Upcoming Taster Call

Light in Action Taster

Wednesday, April 17th

11am MT || 19h CET

For 1 Hour on Zoom

Light in Action Taster

Tuesday, April 23rd

11am MT || 19h CET

For 1 Hour on Zoom

A 3 month group coaching program

We are Here to embody the full potential of what we're capable of:

💥 Become a PowerHouse. Embody your Truth and speak from the Base of Being.

🔥 Live openhearted and genuinely with your soul set on fire.


💪 Embody a full "Fuck Yes" for life, your path, and your decisions.


💃 Experience freedom, aliveness, vitality, and bliss in every cell of your body.


🔑 Develop the qualities of ease, strength, skillfulness, precision, compassion, beauty, love, care and wholeness.

 💎 Emanate and radiate the Truth of you who are.

Where this will take you

  • Having not enough or just barely enough money. Stressed about money

  • Spending your money to get wellbeing and spending your wellbeing to get money.

  • Feeling not enoughness, scarcity, fear, and survival consciousness.

  • Experiencing numbness, dissociation, collapse, overwhelm, and not being able to stay present with experience.

  • Unclear on priorities and what is most important 

  • Overwhelmed by information + courses + content.

  • Feeling "Full" and you feel called to stop reading books and take in more information. 

  • Not able to maintain lifestyle of wellbeing

  • Not feeling resourced in personal state 

  • "I cant do this all by myself"

  • Trying to solve Soul problems as business problems

  • Feeling like you're in between worlds

  • More than enough money. Experiencing a State of Thriving and Persistent Wellbeing.

  • Increasing wellbeing through making money and making money by embodying more wellbeing.

  • Embody and experience a Field of generosity that benefits you and others

  • Being able to be present with Reality in the moment. From orgasmic bliss, light, and expansion to suffering, loss, grief, and sorrow. Expand your capacity to be with highest highs and lowest lows. Broaden upper and lower limits.

  • Clear on priorities and what matters most 

  • Feeling resourced, capable, and clear

  • Feeling resourced and getting guidance, inspiration, and information from Silence, Stillness, and The Divine.

  • Lifestyle feels congruent to offering

  • Persistent wellbeing

  • Starting to develop team and systems to scale 

  • Experiencing business as a byproduct of Soul’s Unfolding

  • Can't push my self or force self to do anything

Embodied Mastery Sessions

What area of your life has you seeking answers right now?

Feel more whole, integrated and unified inside yourself and bring any conflicts/wars inside yourself to completion.

Discover what truly sets your soul on fire and what you feel most called to offer as a way to generate livelihood. Develop a healthy relationship with money where you can feel truly free.

Know what’s most important for you in your relationships and be able to communicate your needs, boundaries, and have the courage to share what’s true for you in the moment, creating connections that feel alive and nourishing.

Access and ground in a deeply felt sense that right here right now everything is okay. Connect to the ground of wellbeing, which we can relax into and be resourced by as we walk through the world.

Bring regulated, grounded and coherent energy to your relationships and life experiences. Develop congruency between what you say and how you feel as you say it.

Soul Purpose
Find out what makes you truly come alive and discover how to find opportunities that are deeply nourishing and fulfilling to your soul. Aligning money with doing what you love most. 

A 3 month Group Coaching Program

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Transformational containers

All calls are recorded.

12 pm CST / 7 pm CET

Access to the Co-Flow Zoom Room

Conscious Action container

Our Emerging Future Community

Light in Action Slack Channel and Our Emerging Future Whatsapp Community

Priority List

You will be the first to know and apply for Our Emerging Future events, trainings, and other exclusive offers



Abstract Paint

This is for you if

You want to experience thriving. You might feel like you struggle, fight, push yourself, and/or beat yourself up to get to the places you want to get to. Maybe you want to experience the results you want to experience without having to go through all the hardship. Like you have life and other people at your back instead of pushing a rock up a hill.

You want to experience more fundamental okayness and inner peace. You might feel like things are a little off. You might occasionally and/or consistently experience anxiety, worry, and a sense of unrest about life and your future or you notice yourself constantly moving from one thing to the other.

You want more fulfillment and intimacy in connection. Whether it is with your romantic partner, your friends, or children, you want to feel seen by other people and to be able to see them in their heart and soul. 

You want more wellbeing. You want to feel healthy, happy, strong, and free in your body. Perhaps you feel in physical pain, overweight, depressed, like you commit to diets and exercise plans and they fall through, or you don’t feel as confident as you would like to.

You want to feel passionate and engaged with life. You might feel a bit stale, bored, and checked out sometimes. You might find you binge scroll social media, binge watch netflix or “check out” by  consuming content via screen devices all day. You miss the feeling of being a kid and running around outside with friends and playing. Whatever happened to that sense of joy and adventure anyways?

You want to feel fulfilled and lit up in the way you serve the world. You’ve probably achieved some success in the corporate and business world. Perhaps you’ve climbed the corporate ladder into a leadership position. Perhaps you’ve started and sold a company or two. And yet still, deep down you know there is a calling that you might not even be able to describe that you have to listen to. The idea you could not realize this potential inside yourself could make you sick. You know you are here to do something bigger than how you’re currently showing up.

We've been there and we know life doesn't have to be this way. In this program we release, integrate and set free what wants to be freed, so you can live life all out.  


What To Expect In Light in Action

  • Luminary Labs: integration Labs with live coaching, collective emergence and Q&A sessions providing you with an embodied understanding of the material. You can bring realtime cases of your life and work with them. Mondays & Fridays, 60 minutes.

  • Embodied Mastery Session: a deep dive into one of our core themes; Relationships, Money, Embodiment, Wellbeing, Shadow Resolution and Soul Purpose. Forrest will lead you through a unique and powerful practice space where you'll embody new ways of being that set you free through transformative practices in breakouts, group coaching and collective emergence. Wednesdays, 90 minutes.

  • Group Slack Channel: to meet your peers, share insights, set up a practice pod of awareness, collaborate and connect. 

  • Recorded and Downloadable: Can't make it to a session? No worries! Each session is recorded and downloadable, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you need to.

Join us on this empowering journey to unlock the power of presence within yourself and unleash your true genius.

Our Emerging Future

is a growing collective of visionaries, changemakers, healers, and creators who are cohering a shared resonance field and embodying a state of consciousness where the technologies, institutions, cultures, and ways of being we want to see in the world are already here now.

Our Emerging Future

Facilitation Team

Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson

Light in Action Lead Facilitator

Founder of Our Emerging Future


Deborah Sally

Light in Action Program Co-Lead

Supporting Facilitator

"This is for your own personal development and it is an opportunity for you to give yourself to the larger vision of what is possible for humanity." - Forrest
Light In Action

Enroll Now

By joining this program, you are agreeing you are responsible for yourself and your outcome of your responsibility. We are here to love, support, encourage, and challenge you along the way. We have high standards for the people we agree to work with and support. If you are right for this program, you will appreciate this as it creates a resonance field in program participants that feels generative and challenges us in a healthy way.

We have a practice where we invite people to set a timer for 5 minutes and have the opportunity to bitch, moan, and complain about life. We do this because we all need a time to bitch sometimes. We are happy to have you do this. And we do not endorse you living out of this place. We will challenge you and support you to take your power back and act from a place of being a Creator.

What's the time commitment for this program?

We have 3 live sessions per week. Monday and Friday are 1 hour and Wednesday is 90 minutes. We ask you attend as many live sessions as possible and each session is recorded, so you can watch later if you can't attend live. Outside of that you can use our co-flow Zoom Room as an action container and reach out for support and practice with your peers via the group Slack channel.  

How long will I be able to acces the dowloads of the training?

You’ll have guaranteed access for the duration of the program. To retain them longer than this we advise that you download them onto your own computer.

Is this resonating?

We invite you to join us.

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