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Our Emerging Future Consciousness Mastermind

Get ready to embark on a journey of healing and get clear on how you want to contribute to the world.

Do you sense there’s a deeper dimension to your journey into full human thriving?

Do you feel like "I’ve achieved everything I’m supposed to achieve based on society’s expectations of me. Now what?”

Do you feel like there has to be more to life than bumping up your salary, getting married and having kids?

Do you desire to bring more enjoyment, ease, and presence in your everyday life?

Humanity is getting a software upgrade.

This is your invitation to update your software, meaning making, and human intelligence systems.

101 days of exploring the frontiers of consciousness, what leadership looks like from a well-resourced place, and becoming an embodied example of the emerging way of being. 

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Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to work on your whole being and get to know your 'bigger self'

  • You want to evolve your consciousness and meet your potential

  • You want to resolve issues in your life to make your life better

  • You are ready to overcome your triggers in life.

  • You seek to live a more deeply authentic life

  • You want to be part of a courageously authentic community

  • You want to show up in the world with more love, presence and compassion, empowered to create more effective changes in the world around you

  • You want to show up in your relationships more effectively

  • You love children and want to understand how we can most consciously nurture and raise children

  • You are an entrepreneur or executive and want to lead more passionately, compassionately, and effectively

  • You want to work less and make the same amount of money or more

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Who you will be after these three months

  • Relaxed, able to easefully make decisions from an embodied felt sense of what’s right for you

  • Feeling more alive, feeling more life force energy

  • Feeling more capacity

  • More present

  • More bandwidth

  • More resourced

  • Togetherness

  • Clarity on your offer to the world 

  • Clarity on your gifts and what you’re inspired to create in this lifetime

  • You will be more valuable in any room you walk into 

  • You’re more useful in your presence, the things you notice, skills and capacities that most people don’t have 

  • Job skills for the emerging economy

The How: A potent blend of leading-edge practices:

We will delve into the following topics in the order that is most practical, depending on each cohort's needs.

Shadow & Trauma Resolution

for a harmonious life

Fundamental Wellbeing

research-backed sustainable wellbeing

Relational work

easeful radical authenticity

Advanced Stages

of Adult Development

Empowerment Practices

​Stepping into potential

Conscious Business

The new ways of business​

Accessing Inner Resources

through emotional transformation

Grounded Spiritual Practices

relationship to something bigger

Transforming your relationship with money

beyond imagination...

Awareness-Based Social Technology

Learn to manage the deeper layers of yourself

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Image by kazuend


Leading Edge Facilitation

Group Coaching

Spotlight sessions for you and other program participants in regular group calls

Mastermind Group

Surround yourself with others committed to their growth and developing purpose. We become who we surround ourselves with

Proximity Access

Constant, persistent, almost daily access to a resourced, abundant and generative vibrational field

Regular Recurring Calls

Shadow work, trauma work, healing journeys and embodiment practices. We will use awareness-based technologies to support people fulfilling and unfolding as our True Nature:

Fields of Coherence


Twinkle Field

1 hr calls (recorded) 

Schedule Sent Out weekly

Deep State Cultivation

Learn how to cultivate deep states of bliss, ease, surrender and peace supporting your relationship with reality

Sourced Action Flows

Learn how to take action from a resourced and embodied space.

Daily Golden Nuggets

Practices and Insights from Beyond the Leading Edge. Daily downloads delivered to group chat for daily inspiration. 

Embodiment Practices

Walk Through The World From a New Place. Cutting edge practices for deep embodiment


More Outcomes Of This Program

More desirable program outcomes that individuals can actively pursue include:

1) (Fundamental) State-First Approach - we support you deepening into a state that is resourced, generative, abundant, and where flow, healing, creativity, and inspiration flow freely. From here, your natural organic evolutionary flow of consciousness will reveal the unfolding it wants to take in your life.

This supports effortless, easeful, and fun expansion, development, and growth in life, business, relationships, and money

2) Get clarity on Soul Sourced Offer - on a scale of 1-100, how much are you enjoying your work right now? This program will support you in getting clear on what really lights you up and what you want to bring into the world as your offer.

You will also get clear on what parts of this you need to delegate and outsource so you can focus on what you want to create. We can support you building systems, automating tasks, and hiring people you need to onboard to bring your project to life in a way that is fulfilling for you.

3) Resolving issues, blocks, limiting beliefs, and stories that are no longer serving you in relationship to your life purpose and soul's unfolding

4) Develop intimate, heart-sourced, and generative connections with other visionaries, changemakers, catalysts, mystics, healers, intuitives, and wayshowers

5) Access deeper levels of a) stillness, inner peace, and tranquility with also b) passion, aliveness, fulfillment, and joy

About Forrest

After his father passed away in his early twenties, Forrest decided to let go of the idea he had for his life based on the expectations, conditioning, and cultural constructs he took on as a young person and dive deep into healing, developmental, and awakening journeys.

Prior to his father passing, he was living in Singapore and then Dubai, working for a Corporate Finance firm supporting the development of infrastructure around the world. He had the opportunity to work with legal, financial, and engineering teams in every continent of the world which helped him understand how global systems, culture, and human beings emerge the social fabrics we all operate in and co-create together.

Through these journeys in seen and unseen worlds, Forrest discovered a tremendous passion for human potential, transformational healing work, and creating a future where we collectively thrive.. Embodying a way of being that is palpably alive, clear, penetrative, and illuminating, Forrest invites folks around him to play all out.


Get to Know Forrest

Forrest is a coach and facilitator, The Host of The Forrest Wilson Experience, and Founder of Light in Action, an incubator for Consciousness supporting pioneers and luminaries realizing The Mystical Path with leading-edge healing, awareness, and we-space facilitation. His passion for supporting the supporters of Our Emerging Future has inspired Metacelium - the infrastructure, social fabric, cultures, and technologies needed to support an emerging Meta-Ecosystem and Soul Economy.

Forrest is a regular guest on podcasts and platforms discussing healing and transformational work reinventing planetary systems, and insights from beyond the leading edge of consciousness.

The Forrest Wilson Experience is a Field First Podcast where he invites other luminaries and pioneers to explore topics and territories in consciousness form a resourced and abundant field of healing, wholeness, wellbeing, creativity, flow, inspiration, and generatively.

Forrest has been holding space for and actively involved in co-creating events, conversations, explorations, and journeys around reinventing planetary systems, navigating this time between worlds, The Future of Money, Coherence Centers, Construct-Aware Transition Centers, The Emerging Economy, Organizations of The Future, collective trauma, embodying Clear Light, and The Mystical Path.

Feel free to get to know Forrest through these recordings and appearances. 

The Forrest Wilson Experience (1).png
Untitled design-10.png

The Forrest Wilson Experience

As a podcast, The Forrest Wilson Experience is recorded in a field of wellbeing, wholeness, creativity, healing, inspiration, and generativity

As a listener and receiver, you are invited to relax and rest into this field.
You are invited to be resourced and recreated by the field we are gathering in.

A New World Emerging, Part One: The Consciousness Revolution on Portals of Perception with Aviv Shahar

This conversation with Forrest Wilson follows a propelling inspiration for the Portals endeavor, which is to encourage the next generation of leaders, people who intuit the deeper change underway and are endeavoring to step into the transformation arena. New leaders are emerging in all core domains of life. A powerful area of focus is developing the realms of emergent communities and the work of presence – being tethered to ourselves and consciously in touch and guided by our principles and values.

The Unified Field of Coherence on Coaches Rising Episode 151 with Joel Monk

Forrest was invited onto 
Coaches Rising to explore the Unified Field of Coherence, accessing essence, increasing inner alignment, expanding our sensing capacities as coaches and the superorganism of humanity.

Does this opportunity resonate with you?

Book here to put in an application and schedule a free 20-minute call with Forrest's Support Staff to explore if this journey is the right fit for you.




  • 101 Days

  • Group Coaching

  • 1 on 1 call each month with other participants in program

  • Deep State Cultivation

  • Proximity Access

  • Daily Golden Nuggets and Downloads

  • Embodiment practices

  • Pod calls for generating support from ecosystem of participants

  • Money back guaranteed if you aren't satisfied. We expect epic shifts for you

Apply Here

Book here to put in an application and schedule a free 20-minute call with Forrest's Support Staff to explore if this journey is the right fit for you.

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