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Emerging Probabilities

An in person Collective Emergence series in Amsterdam

About this Series

What's possible for human beings and for humanity? What kind of world do we want to create together?

You are invited to Emerging Probabilities: a living and breathing collectively sourced North Star and an invitation to step into and embody our creative potential for humanity. An in person series in Amsterdam. We come together and gather in the state of Consciousness that the Emerging Economy is Sourced from.


We will integrate collective emergence (like Circling) with collectively envisioning a future for humanity. Becoming present to what's here now, in and between us and letting emerge what wants to come. Instead of operating within the old paradigm of scarcity and separation, we will collectively attune ourselves to the existing potential that's here, and the vision of the new world. 


9 Friday evenings: March 1 until May 24 2024

(no class on May 17) 

you can join all evenings or separate ones 

7.30pm - 9.30pm CET

Location: Studio da Vasco: Vasco da Gamastraat 10 Amsterdam

Tickets: 15 euros, book here

Emerging Probabilities per evening:

March 1: Basic Survival Needs are Met for Every Human Being​

March 8: The Human Experience Shifts From Surviving to Thriving

March 29: Life Serving Education

April 5: The Future of Work

April 19: Planetary Health

April 26: Wellbeing

May 3: The Future of Money

May 10: Homo Universalis (Awareness)

May 24: Destiny of Humanity

How it works

What it comes down to

We sit together. We bring our attention to what’s here and now, in and between us. 

We invite in the Emerging Probability of that week.

We tune into what wants to happen. 

We nourish states of wellbeing. 

We allow for the potential that’s here to unfold. 

We welcome all parts. We integrate shadow and Light.

We are collectively open to the Aliveness that’s here. 

We trust what happens and emerge possibilities. 

We walk away feeling inspired, alive and connected. 


What the evening will look like

  • Landing together through an exercise/meditation/movement.

  • Opening up to what’s here through a collective presencing exercise.

  • Emerging Probabilities Circle: a 50 min collective emergence circle witht the EP theme of that week, opening up to the potential that’s here. To read more about the EP's click here and scroll down. 

  • Integration/Creation through writing/sharing.

  • Harvesting


What it is and what it is not

Difference with Circling Spaces

We let Soul/Source lead. So we move through the empty void of being with what is, to the luminous ground of being.

Difference with getting things done spaces & think tanks

Creation as an effortless natural unfolding versus trying/forcing/analyzing. A being rather than doing. Letting creation move through us while we ground ourselves in the fullness that's here.

Difference with self development spaces

We’re not actively looking for a problem to fix. We focus on the potential. We sit back and enjoy ourselves - without bypassing. We integrate as much shadow as necessary, as little as possible to walk towards the Northern star.

The Team

Emma van den Boogert

Emma van den Boogert

Our Emerging Future

Our Emerging Future is a growing collective of human beings who are committed to playing life full out in service of thriving. 

About the Facilitator 

Emma van den Boogert is stewarding this EP series. She senses a lot of potential in the present moment, human beings and what’s to come. She loves EP because of the unique format of emerging new ways for humanity through collectively tapping into trust and what wants to unfold. The spaces she’s crafting are often described as feeling nourishing, alive, and inspiring. She’s been facilitating Circing for years, trained as a Nonviolent Communication trainer and has done lots of bodywork and meditation, and is dedicated to creating a world that works for all life.

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Excited to go on a journey together!

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