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Launch Weekend Boulder!

For Conscious Change makers ready to step through the threshold in emerging new business

Thursday Nov. 10 - Sunday Nov. 13, 2022

Boulder, Colorado

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Weekend Flow

In summary, we are about:

  1. Letting go of what isn’t serving us to open up and embody more fully the truth of who we all are and always have been

  2. Dive into the depths: Healing, unwinding, unearthing our blocks and constrictions. 

  3. Having a shit ton of fun with fellow change makers

  4. Downloading our emerging future into this moment

  5. Field Stabilization - Integration and action on what's most essential

Thursday Evening: Our Emerging Future - Activation, Illumination, and Expansion

Friday and Saturday: 2 days of all-encompassing transforming and action facilitating most "Essential Emergence" - most powerful emergence from essence.

Sunday: Integration and closing flow

Your Most Essential Emergence

Emerging Your Essence

In our work, we support clients to access the truth of who they are and flourish into the world most fully.

In the journey to connecting with and embodying our Essence, we often come into contact with layers of conditioning, shadow, trauma, blocks, constrictions, and stuck energy.

We support ourselves in each other to resolve, dissolve, release, and let go of what isn't the truth of who we are so we can open up to embody most fully the essence of who we've always been.

Community - Who is going to be there?

We are holding space for an ecosystem of conscious change makers to be empowered and supported in actualizing and realizing their most beautiful, true, innate embodied expression in a community of people on a shared journey.

Money Exchange

We have a game we want to play and want to experiment with a new resonant performance-based competitive structure. It is completely optional to you if you'd like to participate in the game and co-explore with us.

Our goal is to make at least $15k for the weekend. At the moment we don't know how that would happen.

Option 1 is for you to purchase a ticket for $777 and come to the event, receive our offering, and that is all!

You can pay through this website, or by sending Venmo to @forrestbwilson.

Option 2 is for you to purchase a ticket for $777 and experiment and play with us.

We want to see how much money we can support you making. We know you have the genius and creative power to make more money than you can fathom. We want to play with liberating and actualizing that potential.

We’d like to have the opportunity to be compensated based on what feels good for you after evaluating the benefits of the gathering.

What that looks like is a post gathering debrief where you let us know how intrinsically value the benefit of the gathering and explicitly the results it helped make possible for you in your life.

You are free to opt in or opt out of Option 2 at any time before, during, or after the gathering.


Where the Passion Begins

4 practitioners on cutting edge of practical consciousness, healing, and evolutionary work.


Diego Garcia Schober

The transformations I'm the most alive about supporting with are:
1. from anger to creative power
2. unconditional love in practice
3. playing with culture & the way we relate (to be more free, nourishing, and productive)
4. inner transformation to be more effective at doing good
5. liberate our power, aliveness, and light through transforming shyness and fear
6. how to integrate spirituality into our daily lives, relationships, and work.


Landon Khau

I'm a chiropractor and functional movement practitioner passionate about healing, development, and awakening work. My company, BodyRES, supports people embodying their innate potential and allowing healing to flow through the body more freely. I enjoy playing frisbee, golf, and basketball as ways to "workout" and help us connect to the joy of being alive.


Stéphane Segatori

I am the Director of the We-Flow Lab in Amsterdam where our team develops practices and spaces where individuals and teams can grow, serving company clients and individual professionals. With a background in Business Intelligence (18 years) & MBTI Coaching, I studied the hidden links between organizations, human potential and states of consciousness. I am a sportsman and team player at the core. I trained and facilitated within Integral communities in the U.S., Paris, & finally Amsterdam.


Forrest Wilson

I'm passionate about supporting you in your healing and awakening journeys to embody the life that has been calling you since the day you were born. I'm dreaming of a world where we all embody our innate essence and create a world in service to all life and collective awakening. I look forward to being with you in Boulder.

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