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Work with an OEF Coach

Our experienced coaches and practitioners are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations thrive. We offer personalized coaching to support you on your journey. We work with people who are committed to doing business in a way that feels more whole, resourced, grounded, empowered, and capable by being in relationship with each other. Where our healing and awakening journeys, business, money, success, wealth, and embodiment are working together to create greater levels of flourishing and wellbeing.

What this will bring you:

  • Walking through the world feeling more free and alive

  • Being a powerful force for good

  • Attracting the Right people and projects

  • Making money doing what you love most

  • Embodying your purpose

  • Robust and nourishing relationships 

  • Living from the Ground of Wellbeing

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Forrest Wilson

Transformational Coach and Practitioner

Forrest is supporting executives and leaders bringing spiritual practice to daily Life and business. He works with people, teams, and organizations who want to play in possibility, deepen into our essential wholeness, and wonder into new ways of being together.


Forrest creates powerful transformational containers where you can open up to and be with the unseen aspects of yourself that are playing out in your life and work experience, welcoming them in and experiencing what it is like to be in yourself and with others with more of us online more fully. From here we can birth our emerging future.

Find out more about Forrest here.

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Emma van den Boogert

Transformational Coach and Practioner in training

As a passionate advocate for the Wellbeing Economy, Emma is dedicated to creating a world that works for all life. With extensive experience in coaching and practice, she specializes in fostering resilience, creativity, and sustainable success. Her mission is to guide individuals and organizations through transformative journeys, unlocking their full potential and cultivating environments where everyone can flourish. By prioritizing well-being, embodiment and holistic growth, she aims to build a future that works for all life. 


Emma has a background in We-Space Technologies, embodiment practices, parts work, Non-Violent Communication, community building and purpose and vision work and has facilitated many groups and individuals to access their full potential. 

Find out more about Emma here

Deb K., LA

'The sessions with Emma deeply move me. I love her inner stillness. Perhaps it's her confidence, intelligence, razor-sharp attunement, gentle compasson and wisdom. Every time it feels like I've engaged in profound self-reflection that leaves me feeling happier, more grounded, and accepting of all aspects of myself! What more could I ask for? Thank you, thank you.'
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