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Architects and Facilitators Training

Are you ready to go on a 6 month highly transformative journey and facilitate on the leading edge of what's to come for humanity?


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Become a masterful embodied practitioner at the leading edge

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Become part of Our Emerging Future Ecosystem

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Finding clients and build collaborations via Emerging Future ecosystem


We are thrilled to introduce you to the Architects and Facilitator Training of Our Emerging Future. 

A transformational journey for practitioners, facilitators and leaders to enhance your embodied skills and facilitate on the leading edge.

This training will make you a conscious, tech-aware, and context-aware being, able to navigate the complexities of subtle boundaries. Pioneering new potentials for individuals and collectives, facilitating fields where the old, dehydrated structures of consciousness can fall back into formless and what’s wanting to emerge can come into form.

Our practitioners are working on the leading edge, architecting consciousness and making money with what matters most to them while feeling palpably alive, embodying fundamental okayness and being a powerful force for good. Supporting individuals and groups sourcing and resourcing new regenerative ways of being and systems, creating a world that works for all life.  

Join us on this transformational journey, becoming part of a growing collective of embodied practitioners who will midwife our emerging future into being.

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Join the evolution of 6 months to master transformative collective fields and architecting consciousness, including:

Three times 10 day In-Person

The most impactful days of your life. 

Bi-Weekly Online Life Integration and Action Container

New practices every week adapted to what is happening in your life right now. Includes weekly pulse check on your well being and livelihood.

Pods Of Awareness

Weekly peer groups to give you backup and get you back into flow. 

Bi-Weekly online Masterclass by Guest Facilitator

A 2 hour call every other week facilitated by a leading edge practitioner for you to dive into the depths of your being in a safe and loving collective. Deepening states, integrating and growing your skills.

Leading edge Facilitators

Facilitated by cutting edge practitioners and guest facilitators. 

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A Leading Edge Training

This training stands at the forefront, pioneering a paradigm shift in our approach to meeting the fundamental needs of every human being today. It emphasizes that our limitations are not in resources, technology, or knowledge but in the orientation of our planetary systems. It calls for a collective awakening to a possibility-oriented dream, one that is waiting to manifest and be realized collaboratively.

Facilitate the emergence of a new world

Our world urgently requires facilitators and practitioners capable of nurturing these possibility-oriented dreams into reality for humanity. After this training, participants emerge as masters in facilitating these transformative fields. They're equipped to dissolve archaic structures and foster the emergence of a new world—a world where the essential needs of every individual are met, and humanity flourishes.

Cross-pradigmatic approach

This training embodies a cross-paradigmatic approach, integrating the most cutting-edge practices on Earth—ranging from Coaching, Consciousness and We-Space Technologies to Trauma, Embodiment and Developmental work—presenting a holistic toolkit for profound facilitation.

Architecting Conciousness

This training is an opportunity to learn the art of consciously architecting and coding Consciousness. By attuning to the neural networks of Consciousness, practitioners gain the ability to foster profound shifts in individuals and groups, expediting transformative growth that might otherwise take years to achieve. Graduates of this program leave as masterful practitioners, capable of guiding individuals and collectives towards their highest potentials with finesse and depth.

Abstracte futuristische achtergrond

What this will make possible for you

After this training you will have mastered the art of facilitating fields in which the old de-hydrated structures will fall back into the formless and the new can emerge. You can apply this in any leadership position, taking your organization or clients to the next stage of what's to come for humanity; our emerging economy and future.

Transformation In All Areas of Your Life

This training is a powerful catalyst for personal and collective transformation, aiming to equip participants to lead in bringing forth dreams that can benefit humanity. By the end of the program, individuals emerge as skilled facilitators, well-versed in manifesting these transformative dreams. The course combines diverse leading-edge techniques, including coaching, bodywork, circling, and more, fostering a holistic and innovative approach. Moreover, it dives deep into understanding and shaping consciousness, enabling significant breakthroughs for both individuals and groups in a fraction of the time it would typically take. Graduates depart as highly proficient practitioners, capable of guiding both individuals and groups toward their fullest potential.

New Generation of Leaders

We see leadership at its essence as the harmonious integration of seemingly contradictory paradoxes and opposing polarities. As you cultivate this skill, you contribute to the evolution of a new breed of leaders. It's a form of leadership that uplifts and empowers individuals, firmly rooted in fundamental well-being and transcending the constructs of conventional organizational structures, even those associated with the Teal paradigm. By seamlessly blending the qualities of both the masculine and feminine energies, you facilitate the emergence of collective fields that shape the future.

Make Money Doing What You Truly Feel Called to Support

Through connecting to the consciousness of money and capacities needed for navigating the Emerging Economy you will make money doing what you truly feel called to do and will be able to support others to do the same. An experience where livelihood intertwines with the celebration of passion and purpose. Supporting people while monetizing what we love most is an act of recognizing our interconnectedness, a realization that our success and fulfillment are intricately linked to how we can positively impact the lives of others. It's about fostering a community where aliveness and wholeness are intertwined, inspiring others to embrace their passions and create ripples of positive change in their lives.

Embody Fundamental Wellbeing

Embodying the world that's unfolding, we step forth from a space of Wholeness and essential well-being. We explore pathways to regenerate and resource for the betterment of humanity. In this transformative expedition, you'll deepen your experience of profound well-being and lead with trust and abundance as your guiding principles.


Wholeness, as explored in the training, involves recognizing that each individual represents a unique spark of light within the infinite, luminous ocean of existence, contributing to the collective whole. Embracing wholeness deepens appreciation and acceptance of the present moment, embodying the understanding that everything, just as it is, holds perfection. This perspective encourages loving and accepting all aspects of oneself, even those that might not initially feel okay, welcoming them with compassion and love. The training fosters an approach that honors every perspective at various developmental levels, recognizing the inherent perfection within each one. Walking away from this training, participants will carry an integrated sense of wholeness, enabling a holistic approach to life and its diverse perspectives.

Generative Function

Envisioning opportunities where others might see challenges. Embody adaptability, consistently synthesizing and reshaping strategies and methodologies in response to the dynamic market landscape. Able to generate inventive, out-of-the-box solutions, paving the way for groundbreaking ventures and pioneering pathways.

Palpably Alive

An effervescent experience where aliveness radiates, infused with the zest of life, and the fervent passion of being fully immersed in the present moment. This sensation is a dance of freedom, a celebration of the unshackled spirit embracing the impulse that leads and invites action in ways not preconceived or constructed. In this state of palpable aliveness, life's canvas becomes an artist's playground, inviting the strokes of creativity, and the unscripted choreography of experiences. It's an invitation to let go of constraints, embracing the unpredictable, and dancing with the unknown.

Leading Edge Facilitation

This training stands at the forefront, pioneering a paradigm shift in our approach to meeting the fundamental needs of every human being today. This is a cross-paradigmatic training, combining and integrating the most leading edge practices on planet earth right now: Coaching, Bodywork, Circling, We-Flow, Shadow work, somatic practices, Trauma, Deep State Cultivation, Developmental work and Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Economy. You'll also learn to attune to the neural networks of Consciousness and debugging where needed. This will support profound shifts for your clients and groups that would otherwise take years. You will walk away as a masterful embodied practitioner, able to attune to any individual or collective and bring out their highest potential.

Part of Our Emerging Future Metacelium

The Metacelium of Our Emerging Future is an ecosystem. We are collectively emerging social fabric for the next wave of consciousness. We will build transition centers all over the world to midwife people through the transition into Conscious Awareness, resolve shadow, metabolize trauma, build community, and hold humanity through our collective dark night of the soul. Having done our training you become part of our ecosystem; supporting the supporters of the Emerging way of Being. Learn more about the social fabrics, systems, institutions, technologies, and cultures we are emerging to support the next wave of consciousness unfolding on planet earth.

A Powerful Force for Good

Our training cultivates a new breed of leaders—individuals who don't just advocate for change but embody a powerful force for good. Through our curriculum, you'll not only champion innovative ideas and kindle unwavering passion, but also envision transformative change, architecting consciousness and embodying wholeness as cornerstones for substantial impact. This unique training journey departs from conventional archetypes such as the warrior, conqueror, or king, which have contributed to our present crises. Instead, it nurtures the embracing of a transformative archetype—the lover. This archetype recognizes love as the foundational essence, essential in constructing influential institutions across finance, technology, and education. You will acquire the necessary tools and mindset to become a powerful force for good while embodying the depth of wholeness and consciousness. This journey doesn’t just aim for change; it aspires for emerging our new future in which we thrive as humanity.

Areas of Genius

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Light Circle
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Architecting Consciousness

  • Sourcing and resourcing new ways of Being

  • Sourcing Planetary Wellbeing

  • AI 

  • Setting the right context

  • Debugging consciousness 

  • Accelerated non-lineair growth

Facilitating Transformative Fields

  • Collective Emergence

  • Fields of Coherence: hospicing out the old and midwifing in the new

  • Playing with Time

  • Emerging part of the curriculum in realtime

  • Field First Approach Business Development


  • Embodiment of Money: manifesting the emerging economy

  • Unleash your consciousness development into new evolutionary aliveness

  • Shadow and Light integration 

  • Trauma informed 

  • Receive cutting edge embodiment coursework and guidance

Volcano Wandelaar

This traing is for you if you are:

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Wellbeing oriented

  • Passionate about planetary systems and collective thriving

  • Curious

  • Open minded

  • Conscious

  • Athletic / athlete

  • Self generating revenue

  • Working as a facilitator/practitioner

  • We-Space facilitator

  • Tech aware (Some awareness of systems, blockchain, A.I., internet, software development)

Possible pain points you might be experiencing

  • Feel called to do something more and unclear on what that is

  • Disoriented

  • Feeling like there are so many possibilities and not sure how to choose

  • Burn't out

  • Overwhelmed

  • Don't know how to align money making and purpose

  • Taking in lots of information through online courses, workshops, and trainings

  • Frequently listening to books, podcasts, YouTube video, interviews, etc.

  • Stuck in the head

  • Getting triggered or frustrated

  • Feeling "split"

  • Unable to follow through

  • Life could be juicier and would love to experience more fulfillment and peace

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Image by Patrick Pankalla

We ask ourselves: what's possible for human beings and for humanity? And what kind of world do we want to create together?


Your highly experienced facilitators and guides on this journey. 


Forrest Wilson

Lead Trainer

Forrest has worked with people and organizations from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. Whether it's business development, deep personal work, or culture development, Forrest has expertise and experience in many arenas. 
After his father passed away in his early twenties, Forrest decided to let go of the idea he had for his life based on the expectations, conditioning, and cultural constructs he took on as a young person and dive deep into healing, developmental, and awakening journeys.After nearly a decade of playing in the unseen world, Forrest has found connection to a tremendous passion for supporting a humanity to live life more fully. By embodying a way of being that is palpably alive, clear, penetrative, and illuminating, Forrest invites folks around him to play all out.The experience of being around Forrest is oftentimes described as intense. Intensely loving, clear, challenging, and sometimes confronting.

portrait IEC 2.png


Diego is a coach and facilitator with over 900+ hours of experience in the field. His vision is to see a world full of people in Life-Flow. He is a trainer of We-Flow - an integrated practice for conscious pioneers - and Light in Action - an incubator for conscious entrepreneurs. He hosts workshops all over the world.
It’s easy for Diego to give surprisingly accurate high-impact reflections - even after a short time being with you. He carries a palpable reality distortion field and gravity well of commitment to having people's gifts actualized in the world. Diego's presence naturally invites people into their center while also getting clear and concrete in getting things done. Diego helps you get clarity around what's most important and removing all unnecessary limitations for you to get there.

Abstract Paint

Joe N. 

"Forrest is first and foremost someone who can be present and hold space unlike anyone I have ever met. He has a deep capacity to understand everything from feelings of shame and guilt to existential dread and meaninglessness. Dont know if I could find a better coach who could walk with me through some of these heavy items and dare say even make it fun at times.Working with Forrest is different from any coach I have ever worked with. Most coaches will listen and offer genuine advice they feel will be helpful in solving the problem you bring up. Forrest however will not feed you the answers or tell you what you want to hear. He instead helps guide you to sourcing the information you seek from deep within yourself. At first I wished Forrest would just tell me what he thought I should do. However, it was through this process I learned to trust my own inner knowledge and discover many of the answers I sought were inside of me.From working with Forrest I have been able to identify the stories that have locked me into unhelpful thought patterns and let them go. Ive been able to create space for myself with anxiety and depressive thoughts and actually listen to what they are trying to tell me. It has allowed me to explore and better understand myself than I have at any other other time in my life."

Does this resonate?

Book here to put in an application and schedule a free 20-minute call with Our Emerging Future Staff to explore if this journey is the right fit for you.





  • Three 4 day weekends in person high quality facilitator training

  • Weekly online integration calls

  • Revenue generation: making back what you invest and more 

  • Staying in a beautiful house with nourishing organic food near the sea and jungle

  • Pods of Awareness

  • Cutting Edge Trainers

  • Deep State Cultivation

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Architecting Consciousness

  • Becoming part of the Our Emerging Future practitioners ecosystem 

  • Money back guaranteed if you aren't satisfied


When and where does the Architects and Facilitators Training take place?

The training dates of the first cohort are.. Location of the training..

I would love to join but these dates don't work. Will there be another cohort?

We're excited to have you on board on our next cohort in 2025. If you'd like to be part of Our Emerging Future in the meantime, check out the possibilities here

What happens if I start the program and it isn't a good fit after a few weeks / months?

We are happy to understand what is working and what could be going better and work with you to get the most out of the program. We trust we will find a way to make this a profound experience for you.

I’m very excited and am doubting whether I have enough experience to join. What do you recommend?

Great! We’re happy to support you in finding whether this is the right fit for you at the moment. We welcome you to book an interest call with our team here

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